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MONC NW Winners over the years

2012    Anthony Kalil, tenor, Lindemann Young Artist Program
2011    Brittany Hines-Hill, soprano
2010    Rachel Willis-Sorenson, soprano, Grand Finals Winner
2010    Maya Lahyani, soprano, National Finalist
2009    Noah Baetge, National Finalist
2008    Brendan Tuohy
2008    Simone Osborne, soprano, Grand Finals Winner
2007    Angela Meade, soprano, Grand Finals Winner
2006    Heidi Melton
2005    Angela Meade, soprano
2005    Jordan Shanahan, baritone
2004    Erica Brookhyser, mezzo-soprano
2003    Keith Harris, baritone
2002    Phillipe Castagner, tenor, Grand Finals Winner, Lindemann Young Artist Program
2001    David Bedard, bass
2001    Lawrence Brownlee, tenor, Grand Finals Winner
2000    Lambroula Pappas
2000    Angela Neiderloh, mezzo-soprano, National Finalist
1999    first year of Grand Finals Concert
1999    David Dong Qyu Lee, countertenor, National Finalist
1998    Mariateresa Magisano, mezzo-soprano, National Finalist
1997    Christine Graham
1996    Tamara Lynn Hummel, soprano, National Finalist
1995    Kelly Nassif, soprano, National Finalist
1994    Julia Bonnet, soprano
1993    Juliana Rambaldi
1992    Michaela Gurevich, soprano, National Finalist
1992    Kelly Nassief, soprano
1991    Jeffrey Francis
1990    Gary Jankowski
1989    Pil-Sung Kim
1988    Heidi Grant Murphy, soprano, National Finalist, Lindemann Young Artist Program
1987    Frederick Kalt, tenor, National Finalist
1986    Frederick Kalt, tenor
1985    Kathryn Weld
1984    Peter Ashbaugh
1984    Kathleen Broderick
1983    Linda Caple, mezzo-soprano, National Finalist
1982    Lynn Elaine Helding
1981    Cyndia Siedentop (Cyndi Sieden)
1980    Anna Louise Deal-Pluymen, soprano, National Finalist
1980    Gary Lakes
1979    Susan St. John, soprano, National Semi-Finalist
1968    Judith Forst, mezzo-soprano, National Finalist
1959    Roald Reitan, baritone, National Finalist
1956    Dorothy Cole Posch, mezzo-soprano, National Finalist


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