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A word about the auditions program

The purpose of the National Council Auditions Program, sponsored by the Metropolitan Opera, is to find exceptionally talented opera singers and to assist them in their development, to discover new talent for the Metropolitan Opera, and to search for possible participants in the Young Artist Development Program of the Met.

Applicants must have a voice with operatic potential; exceptional quality, range, projection, charisma, communication and natural beauty. Voice training and musical background is a requirement. They must demonstrate an ability to sing correctly in more than one language, and give evidence of artistic aptitude. Applicants must be prepared to sing five operatic arias in the original languages and keys and in more than one language and contrasting styles. Arias should be commensurate with the singer's age and level of ability and may be no longer than eight minutes each in length. The applicant will be permitted to sing an aria of his/her choice; the judges may then request another aria (or arias) for the purposes of comparison.

The Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions program began in Minneapolis/St. Paul in 1954. Over the years, these auditions have expanded to 13 regions.

The auditions program starts at the District level. The Northwest Region includes the Western Canada District, the Eastern Washington, Idaho and Montana District, the Western Washington/Alaska District, and the Oregon District.

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